Dubai Heights Academy strives to meet the needs of all children in its care by personalizing their learning and providing outstanding care and provisions for all pupils. From the moment you walk into our school you are welcomed with an inviting and inclusive atmosphere that ensures that every child feels valued.

Inclusion is at the core of our ethos and our mission is to ensure that all children achieve their full potential. We have a dedicated staff that are committed to supporting each child on their own unique pathway to progress. Dubai Heights Academy believes in promoting lifelong learners and acknowledges the importance of social skills and life skills as well as achieving academic goals and targets.

Our specialist Inclusion team is comprised of highly qualified staff that continuously research and upskill to provide the best support for our pupils of determination. The Inclusion team work collaboratively with all staff and parents to provide individually-tailored support and interventions to ensure that every child makes progress.

We offer an enrichment programs with an on-site Speech Therapist and Occupational Therapist and our state of the art resources and unique facilities further support inclusive practice throughout the school.